Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coors & Tostitos $10 Rebate (no beer purchase required)

UPDATE: There are four different rebates (two that require a beer purchase and two that don't require a beer purchase.) The rebate that does not require a beer purchase is not valid in Oklahoma!

I'm so excited about this rebate! Coors has several different rebate options available and the reason I'm excited is that I have purchased the necessary items and spent the required amount of money and I didn't even set out to do that!

Here is the scoop: purchase $30 worth of Tositos chips or dips, Pepsi carbonated soft drinks, condiments, plastic cups, ice, paper plates, and/or deli items (any brand, any size).

Send in your original, dated cash-register receipt(s) with the price circled along with a completed official mail-in certificate and they will send you $10.

Items must be purchased between 12/11/09 and 2/8/10.

I went through my grocery receipts and found that I have spent enough on the above listed items to submit for a $10 rebate which is extra money in my pocket. The other cool thing is that I didn't really spend $30 on those items since I'm sure I used coupons for 99% of them!

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