Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reward Programs

There are a lot of reward programs where you can earn money, gift cards or products for doing what we already love to do... shop and search the internet!

**One of my favorites right now is Swagbucks. I have set it as my home page and when I search the internet I have the opportunity to win points. Those points add up and can be redeemed for gift cards! It is that easy. You can sign up for a Swagbucks account here.

**Another rewards program that is easy is the My Coke Rewards program. It has a lot of different products that are eligible for rewards. To sign-up and view the details go here.

**Upromise is another program to earn money doing everyday things like online shopping, dining out and grocery shopping. All your earnings go directly into your Upromise college savings account. Then, you decide if you'd like to grow them tax-free in a 529 plan to pay for college, use them to pay down a Sallie Mae student loan, or receive a check for college expenses. Go here to sign up and get more information.

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